Ausstellung ohne Titel TZT039
solo Ausstellung
Els BInnendijk

TZT-partySaturday August 17th

5 - 7 pm

Els Binnendijk (NL) graduated in 1965 at the Academy of Art and Industry (AKI) in Enschede, Department of Monumental Design, Painting, Drawing and Graphics. During this period she was captivated by textile crafts. She experimented with fabric applications and weaving techniques, wherein the organic forms were clearly related to the direct observation of landscape and vegetation. 

Because of her mathematical talent, the organic shape was abandoned and the square was introduced in her work. Also changed the colors, a choice of pastel tones was chosen for a consistent application of white and pink. Also, the use of the dotted line and the mutual distance of the "dots" are entered into her work to play a major role. The rigorous and controlled manner of designs were the basis for her work. It creates a pattern, "shifts", which is based on mathematical laws. Often in series, multiple panels that complement each other. The color pink is emotional, the work that you can see at Bos Fine Art are cotton on grid and have different sizes.

Els Binnendijk, no title title, 
cotton on grid, 60 x 60 cm
(photo: Ludo de Kort)


Till September 22nd, Bos Fine Art will also show works of 60 artists with over 200 artworks in a big group exhibition.


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