Exhibition Untitled The Hague TZT024
Margriet van Engelen & Christine Löw

21 juni - 15 juli  /  June 21 - July 15
Korte Vijverberg 2  Den Haag
TZT-Party Zondag 8 juli  17 - 19 uur / Sunday July 8  5pm - 7pm

Christine Löw "Yellow"


Christine Löw, "Delicate red"

In the beginning Christine Löw (DE 1945) did put the focus on colorfield painting. Since the last years Christine works primarily with a strong emphasis on geometric abstraction, a serie on concrete art, on a reduction of image structures with strict geometrical form, mainly with horizontal and vertical stripes with various widths. Her paintings are composed with only a few elements – line, proportion, color and medium and they are charcterized by luminous color, sensuous surfaces and clear configuration.

Margriet van Engelen, " Draaiing r.r.r."

Margriet van Engelen, " Spiegelbeeld Rood"

"The process of movement and change" is the theme that Margriet van Engelen (NL 1943) works with. She tries to visualize this process, which ultimately succeeded by placing her steel wire sculptures on mirrors. This has the greatest effect when working with geometric shapes. The grid with the rigid checkered pattern of the steel mesh, strongly rhythmic and spatial, makes special connections possible that provide insight into the coincidence of many geometric shapes. A triangle appears to be a square, a semi-circular shape is completely round through the mirror.



 Pop up NY
Bos Fine Art New York Portofino 50 W 56th NYC  

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Selected for you

Sean Scully

Landline River  2017, olieverf op aluminium
215,9 x 190,5 cm 

Sean Scully tot 26 augustus 2018
Museum De Pont Tilburg NL

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