Exhibition Untitled TZT040
 solo exhibition Monica Maat
Sunday September 8th
5 -7 pm
5.30 pm introduction by Clemens van Zeijl
Bestuursvoorzitter van het Stadsmuseum en het Marius van Dokkum Museum Harderwijk
'The Anido Guitar Duo'
Annette Kruisbrink en Arlette Ruelens

Playing composition 'Allegro Brillante' from composer Annette Kruisbrink, based on two geometrical artworks by Monica Maat
 film by Monica Maat 'The beauty of geometry'


It excites Monica Maat in order to manipulate the observation. Besides geometric wood panels she also makes geometric works on paper and canvas. These works do have an ornamental character and are inspired by the European Renaissance. Examples are the line structures in Italian marble floors and the optical effects of frescoes, which are found in the abbeys in Tuscany. Often Her works gives a strong visual effect.  Depending on the use of colors and shapes the works shows converging or diverging effects. 
In the silkscreen printing studio of her brother in Amstelveen, she made with him many serigraphs and learned a lot from him to graphics. She has also been introduced by her brother to Jaap Egmond [constructivism] whit whom he shared a workshop, and the work of computer artist Peter Struycken. The work of the late Jan Schoonhoven, Jan van Duijnhoven and Gerard Caris [with particular motive the Pentagon] are of direct concern to her. 


Late Summer Stock Exhibition Untitled


Till September 22nd, Bos Fine Art will also show works of 60 artists with over 200 artworks in a big group exhibition.


Ada van Wonderen, Agnes van Genderen, Alexander Zaklynsky, Ankie de Reus, Beatrice van der Meer, Bill Kunst, Carrie Meijer, Bruijninckx&Breebaart, Cees van Rutten, Charlotte Burgmans, Christine Löw, Corine Barendregt, Herman Van de Poll, Cornelia Bruinewoud, David Beliën, Digna Weiss, Eddy Stikkelorum, Eef de Graaf, Eliza Kopec, Ellen van der Wiel, Frank Åsnes, Paul Wezenberg, Gerard van der Horst, Gijs Pape, Grace Wychowanska, Gregory Dubus, Han Reeder, Paul Snell, Henk Rusman, Hein van Delft, Herman Coppus, Jan Hendriks, Jan Hoff, Jan Willem van Swigchem, Jeltje Van Houten, Johannes Blonk, Jürgen Wolff, Karin Beyens, Katharina Fischborn, Karin Wiertz, Kees Van de Wal, Laurens Mostert, Manja Hazenberg, Margriet van Engelen, Olav Slingerland, Peter Kalkowsky, Pim Piët, Hein van Delft, Rob de Oude, Roger Bensasson, Rud Perree, Sandra Schijf, Marcia van Dijk, Tineke Porck, Walter Maas, Willem van Dam, Yvonne Willemse, Gerda Nijp, Vivian Rozenbeek, Rob Streng, Ben Haggeman, Henk Winkelman, Inge Reisberman, Bander van Ierland, Ilkka Pärni and Kerstin Hedman.












Bos Fine Art POP UP Gallery
"Exhibition Untitled New York"
Opening February 28th 5pm - 8pm at Portofino 
50 West 56th St, Suite 2A, New York, NY

Bos Fine Art
Bos Fine Art is an art gallery based in the Netherlands since 1988. We specialize in geometric abstract art. Our gallery in The Hague, next to the Mauritshuis,  showcases works made by one hundred European artists. Our Exhibits change every few months highlighting one hundred different forms of technique, material and composition. We have partnered with Portofino to create a Pop Up gallery experience in the heart of manhattan at their spa and salon in midtown on 56th st. Our second Pop Up exhibition in New York starts on February 28th. This exhibition will feature three artists: Jan Hoff (Netherlands) who specializes in wall objects made of folded gloss paper. Carrie Meijer (Netherlands) who works in digital prints on Chromaluxe and Rob the Oude (New York based Dutch artist) who makes hard edge paintings.

Carrie Meijer
It doesn’t matter what kind of material Carrie Meijer (NL, 1951) is using,or which technique, she finds herself craving regularity. Pen drawings, linocuts and lithography are some of the many techniques she uses. Her love for the work of Bram van Velde and the use of the colored surfaces inspired her to follow different courses, such as the Vrije Academie in The Hague.  A few years ago she accidentally created digital works. The digital prints that can be seen at the exhibition in TZT003 at Bos Fine Art, in addition to the pen drawings, are made in Microsoft Word, And what particularly is unique in this digital age, after printing, the files are deleted so each work is the only existing edition.


Carrie Meijer, "NYC 06 2018",
digital print on Cromaluxe, 59,4 x 84,1 cm / 23,23 x 33,07 inch


Jan Hoff
As a visual artist Jan Hoff (NL,1957) is a late bloomer. He is enjoys non-figurative objects and compositions. The works that are shown in exhibition untitled TZT002 are compositions which consist of strips of dark or light gloss paper. These are at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees glued to a background and thus forming a rhythmic abstract geometric pattern. Jan Hoff, gives his ideas form as an abstract web of paper and cubes. Because of the light and shadows the work evokes a strong sense of balance and tranquility, while at the same time they are very lively continuously changing depending on the angle of the viewer.

Jan Hof "New Amsterdam"
folded gloss paper, 100 x 100 cm /  39,37 inch


Rob de Oude
The paintings and drawings made by Rob de Oude (NL,1970) are composed of meticulously placed repeated lines, the lines reveal geometric shapes and patterns. Repeatedly using a single unit, a straight line, displays the infinite possibilities of a synchronized effort. Overlapping bands, grids of colors and collisions of angled lines create an elusive sense of space, shifting color, and deceptively bending lines. Rob mixes an intuitive use of color, rhythm, composition and layering choices with a systematic mode of painting. These types of juxtapositioning between intuition and methodology are part of seeking a sense of orchestrated balance with a single line as the building unit.

Rob de Oude, "Tip Top Tumble" 2016

20 x 20 cm cm / 7,87 inch




 March 9th 5 - 7 pm



Solo exhibition Grote Vijverbergzaal


 20190307 183517 resized 002

L01 020 Folder TZT034 02




Solo exhibition Glazenzaal KARIN WIERTZ

L01 020 Folder TZT033 01


L02 015 Folder NY 02

Start 28 Februari / February 28th
Opening February 28th 5 / 8 pm

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