Venster 221
diameter 146 cm /  diameter 57.48 inch
acryl op canvas / acrylic on canvas

The TONDO of Hans Roos

Tondo, that is how a round painting was called in the Renaissance. Circular works of art were already made in the Greek Antiquity. But why round paintings? That is the question with which Hans Roos (NL, 1950) started a completely new adventure around 2010. After years of designing and making illustrations for the screen, he was bothered by the boundary of that screen. In terms of format and the rectangular shape.
Making a choice for a framework without corners has consequences. Developing a new, visual language. And to 'get rid of' the corners, which has consequences for the composition and the structure of the painting. He started with large geometric surfaces that did or did not come into contact with the framework or denied that framework just as one looks through a window where lines seem to continue behind that window.
His  recent paintings are an investigation into the potential of patterns and their effect within a round framework.Ideas arising from this research are first drawn. Due to the geometric character of the work, the translation from sketch to computer screen is effective. For example, color research and compositional variations can be investigated at a rapid pace.
The artisan stage, the making of the curved frame and the stretching with linen works as an introductory dance before painting can begin. It is important to take the final chosen composition first without hesitation from the screen. The painting itself, with the constant ability to vary, is temporarily off the track. The design is strictly followed, soothing because the paintings become increasingly complex. Because of the large size, he is literally in the painting and sees how it develops, unlike the picture on the screen.
The dancing linen, the underground, the build up of thin layers of paint, the working of the colors, everything ensures that the painting starts to lead its own life and copying is then interpreted and again making decisions that do justice to the starting point.

Venster 231
diameter 146 cm /  diameter 57.48 inch
acryl op canvas / acrylic on canvas


Venster 226 
diameter 146 cm /  diameter 57.48 inch
acryl op canvas / acrylic on canvas



 Pop up NY
Bos Fine Art New York Portofino 50 W 56th NYC  

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Sean Scully

Landline River  2017, olieverf op aluminium
215,9 x 190,5 cm 

Sean Scully tot 26 augustus 2018
Museum De Pont Tilburg NL

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