Hein van Delft was born in The Netherlands in 1951 and studied garden and landscape architecture. He contributed to the urban and landscape planning and design of the IJsselmeer-polders (newly reclaimed land from sea). In 2013, he re-directed his creativity towards the visual arts, finding inspiration in the balance between nature and culture. He uses materials provided by nature, in his paintings, as well as in his wall-reliefs and installations. 

Monochrome application of clay, gathered from the Waddensea-mudflats, is displayed in his series FOOTPRINTS. Thereby, he addresses the forcefield between a clear abstract image and the power of the natural materials itself. In his serie GRONDEN / GROUNDS, linear elements made of materials like sea-clay, loam, fluvial sand, plant seeds and paper are arranged in an evocative way.






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Start 28 Februari / February 28th
Opening February 28th 5 / 8 pm

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