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Eef de Graaf, Rud Perrée en Gijs Pape
sidekick Cees Post

October 4 - 21

Korte Vijverberg 2  Den Haag / The Hague Netherlands

Eef de Graaf

Eef de Graaf, wallreliëf, paper
Eef de Graaf (NL 1939) sees himself as an artist of the second generation constructivists. He works with lines, geometric shapes, primary colors, as well as black and white. He creates works that exude a great simplicity, purity, and harmony. Further, promoting a  balance between emotion and reason. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Amersfoort in 1973, Eef de Graaf since works as a visual artist. He seeks to distance apart from popular trends. Initially monochrome and on a flat surface, his work has become more colorful and spatial

Rud Perrée

Rud Perrée, object, polyester en acryl 
Rud Perrée (NL 1945) studied M.O. Drawing and Art History in Tilburg , Psychology in Nijmegen and Lectured Dramatic Education in Amsterdam. In his early education of drawing and art history, three-dimensional work stood in service of drawing as free expression had yet to be encouraged. Which explains why he later sought refuge in spatial work, in harder materials and in a language of freer form. Working in this way thus became the background in which he was increasingly concerned. Expressions became more playful, accessible, and happier when he expanded his choice of materials from freestone and marble to polyester. Despite this succession, his goal remains: to express as much as possible with as few resources as possible.

Gijs Pape

Gijs Pape, wandobject, MDF

Space is the basis of the works of Gijs Pape (NL 1977). Not only space you see but the suggestion of space and of space you can experience. He started as a painter, in which he used a lot of architecture. Abstracted versions of reality where only the minimal parts remained with a maximum suggested space. In his more recent work, he uses elements from architecture as building blocks for his images. Images that have become increasingly 3-dimensional, but still stand for the same principle.
He thinks it comes from my frustration for all the business around us. He means not only the busy life that most of us lead but also the constant flow of traffic and noise. Especially the visual pressure. It is very difficult in the Netherlands to find places where you can avoid all these things. Nowhere is emptiness, in the broadest sense of the word. In his 3-dimensional work, I tries to create the ultimate space experience with as few resources as possible.

Cees Post
Cees Post, zilveren brochobject

 Saturday October 6 
 5pm - 7pm


foto essinsje Bolsward, juni 2018

essentie 4²

Vier tentoonstellingen: essentie 4² (vier kwadraat)

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28 hans haacke blaues segel 1964 1965.jpg 1152x903 q85 crop subsampling 2 upscale

Hans Haacke, Blaues Segel, 1964-1965
Collectie FRAC Grand Large – Hauts-de-France, Duinkerke
Foto Wolfgang Neeb



22 SEPTEMBER 2018 – 20 JANUARI 2019

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