Anne Archie bis face 110x110 cmJ.Jasinski 2016

Anne Archie bis face (110x110 cm)
© J.Jasinski 2016

From one of our facebook logo friends:

Jérôme Jasinski





Simon Tagnars150x150 cmJ.Jasinski 2016

 Simon Tagnars (150x150 cm) ©J.Jasinski 2016


The playful pop art of the photographer, cabinet maker and sculptor Jérôme Jasinski creates the surprising impression of an unexpected form of 3D art. One inevitably thinks of the work of Vasarely, with its imaginative geometrical forms. But beyond that, there are also the astonishingly complex perspectives created by his shimmering palette of bright yellows and oranges, as well as the vibrant reds, that were so characteristic of the spirit of the Seventies and of his childhood in a family of artists.


Chiara Bistouille150X150 cmJ.Jasinsski 2017

Chiara Bistouille (150x150 cm)  © J.Jasinski 2017


Born in Brussels on March 24, 1968, Jérôme Jasinski grew up in a Seventies style house, surrounded by art and pop culture, including paintings by Evelyne Axell and a piece by Vasarely. As a teenager, he became addicted to photography and plunged into the universe of his grandfather, the modernist architect Stéphane Jasinski. There he discovered the artists and artistic movements that influenced his work and developed a taste for the pure lines of fine contemporary furniture and a passion for modern art, architecture – Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, Henry Van de Velde, Frank Lloyd Wright or the Bauhaus movement – as well as for sculpture, and later in his career, for kinetic artists.


Dino Zore coté 100x100 cm J.Jasinski 2015

 Dino Zore coté (100x100 cm) © J.Jasinski 2015


His first contact with wood as a medium was also a major revelation. From that point on, he chose to focus on cabinet-making which he studied for four years. When he became a professional designer and creator of furniture and other objects, he spent his weekends creating original pieces for fun, and gave them to friends. His familyencouraged him to share his work on Facebook and in a few days he was signing his first contract for an exhibition at the Galérie Sandrine Heerebout.


Anne Nana bis90X180cmjpeg J.Jasinski 2017

 Anne Nana bis (90X180cm) © J.Jasinski 2017


Word of mouth did the rest and the response was enthusiastic. His work was noticed in a gallery in the Rue Blaes in Brussels by Michel Launoit, designer and director of the MIMA, who took him under his wing and organised one exhibition after another. Orders for his pieces took off and soon he had become a full-time artist.


IMG 4091

 © J.Jasinski 2017


His first solo show at the B19 was soon followed by shows at The Belgian Gallery and the Salon Eurantica, at the Art Unity Gallery in Knokke from March 5-13 and at the Hamton Art Gallery in New York. In just four short years, this previously unknown artist had sold over 200 unique works to art collectors.




Amandine Ausore bis130x180 cmjpeg J.Jasinski 2017

 Amandine Ausore bis (130x180 cm) © J.Jasinski 2017


What is the “Jansinski touch”? Spontaneous and personal pieces of work which emerge from an instinctive process combined with the aesthetic pleasure of a clean, architectual finish. His ability “to see in 3D” and his sense of the right finishing touch allow him to create  powerful kinetic and optical objects. The precision of his lines results from meticulous preparation with drawings and the study of porportions in 3D, and a constant concern for consistency and pace.


Aubin Sahalor 100X100 cm J Jasinski 2014

 Aubin Sahalor (100X100 cm)© J Jasinski 2014


The orchestration of one of his creations, which can sometimes consist of several hundred pieces, is in itself a performance. Like a magician, he uses optical tricks to play with the visible and the invisible and his visual effects change our perception of the volumes.

Finally, the spirit that characterises his work is without a doubt that of joy. Joy expressed both through his choice of colours – when he’s not playing with black and white – and the titles of his creations, word plays in French such as “Pacômes Leszautres”, “Sam Chatouille”, “Alex Tazie”, “Dino Zore” and so on.

This remarkable – and much noticed – work also succeeds in not taking itself too seriously. It is fun to look at while also inspiring serenity.


More information you can find on the website of Jérome Jansinski:



Forthcoming :

2017/08 ART MAGMA – Knokke Belgium

2017/05  Affordable Art Fair – London England

Past :

2017/03 EURANTICA FINE ART FAIR – Malines Belgium
2016/12 SHORT TERM GALLERY – Brussels Belgium
2016/09 ARTE CAPELLI – Brussels Belgium 
2016/08 TEN GALLERY – Knokke, Belgium 
2016/09 ARTE CAPELLI – Brussels, Belgium 2016/06
BELGIAN GALLERY – Château Bayard Namur Belgium 
2016/04  SABLON D’ART – Brussels Belgium 
2016/03 EURANTICA FINE ART FAIR – Malines Belgium
2015/07 EXHI-B – Brusssels  Belgium 
2015/07 ART UNITY GALLERY – Knokke Belgium 
2015/06 ART HAMPTON – New-York USA 
2015/05  AFFORDABLE ART FAIR – London England 
2015/03 ARTISANART – Brussels Belgium 
2014/10 B19 COUNTRY CLUB – Brussels Belgium 
2014/08 MONOMANIAC – Brussels Belgium 
2014/06 THE SHORT TERM GALLERY – Brussels Belgium 
2014/06 COBALT INTERNATIONAL GALLERY – Brussels Belgium 
2014/05 UFO URBAN FLASH – Brussels Belgium 
2014/05 EXHIB-B – Brussels Belgium 
2014/02  AFFORDABLE ART FAIR – Brussels Belgium 
2013/11 UFO URBAN FLASH – Brussels Belgium 
2013/11 SHORT TERM GALLERY – Brussels Belgium 
2013/11 LABELLE EXHIBITION – Brussels Belgium 
2013/05 SANDRINE HERREBOUT GALLERY – Brussels Belgium






  J06 007 Flyer Expo Den Haag DEF

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Anne Archie bis face 110x110 cmJ.Jasinski 2016

Anne Archie bis face (110x110 cm)
© J.Jasinski 2016

From one of our facebook logo friends:

Jérôme Jasinski

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aff essentie ii def

Stichting Vierplus en de expositie essentie in Heusden 28 juni - 2 juli 2017

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 Piet Mondriaan Victory Boogie Woogie 1942 44

Piet Mondriaan [1872-1944], Victory Boogie Woogie, 1942-194

Gemeente museum Den Haag
De ontdekking van Mondriaan
t/m 24 september 2017

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