Dan Hildt

Kunstenaar / Artist
Techniek / Technics
Schilderijen / Paintings, Wandreliëfs en -objecten / Wallobjects, Mixed media, Fotografie / Fotography
Info / Description

My work is contemporary, employing a variety of mixed-media ranging from stone mixed with asphalt binder, to reclaimed packing materials. Each piece explores shape, color and texture in different ways... I am constantly stimulated by an ever-changing world. So, basically as I observe what I encounter around me, I follow this mantra:



Please contact Bos Fine Art for prices and information. Additional detail photos of these works are available upon request.


I am also a photographer . . . If you are interested, Contact Bos Fine Art.







Total number of images: 18

Starbucks #3543
  • Starbucks #3543New
  • Materiaal: Acrylic, Stone with Asphalt Binder on Wood Panel
  • Formaat: 24"x31"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Old Mill Road
  • Old Mill Road New
  • Materiaal: Acrylic, Stone with Asphalt Binder on Wood Panel.
  • Formaat: 24"x24"
  • Prijs €: upon request
  • 12xTwelveNew
  • Materiaal: Acrylic, Luminescent Paint, Clamshell Bits on Canvas.
  • Formaat: 36"x36"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Release of the Gametes
  • Release of the GametesNew
  • Materiaal: Acrylic, Luminescent Paint, Clam Shell Bits on Framed Canvas
  • Formaat: 48"x48"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Sudoku Insomnia
  • Sudoku InsomniaNew
  • Materiaal: Acrylic, Luminescent Paint, Clam Shell Bits on Birch Panel
  • Formaat: 40.5" Diameter
  • Prijs €: upon request
  • Materiaal: Latex and Acrylic Paint strips on Linen Canvas, All on Baked-enamel Aluminum Panel.
  • Formaat: 30"x42"
  • Prijs €: upon request
  • Materiaal: Latex Paint, Acrylic Paint Remnants on Linen Canvas, all on Baked-Enamel Aluminum Panel.
  • Formaat: 30"x30'
  • Prijs €: upon request
Night Moves
  • Night MovesNew
  • Materiaal: Acrylic Painted Clay Strips, Black Duct Tape, all on wood panel.
  • Formaat: 21"x52
  • Prijs €: upon request
Terezin 19
  • Terezin 19New
  • Materiaal: Construction-grade Stucco Paint, Acrylic on 2.5" Foam Panel on Wood Backing.
  • Formaat: 30.25"x38.25"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Terezin 23
  • Terezin 23New
  • Materiaal: Construction-grade Stucco Paint, Acrylic, on 2.5" Foam Panel with Wood Backing
  • Formaat: 36"x48"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Flatbed Cargo
  • Flatbed CargoNew
  • Materiaal: Bass Wood, PVC pipe, Acrylic and Artist Spray Paints, Pastel and Charcoal on Wood Panel.
  • Formaat: 42"x42"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Net Neutrality
  • Net NeutralityNew
  • Materiaal: Reclaimed Oak grid, Enamel Paint, Float-mounted on Aluminum Panel.
  • Formaat: 37"x37"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Chautauqua 7-17
  • Chautauqua 7-17New
  • Materiaal: Oak grid, Acrylic paints float-mounted on Aluminum Panel
  • Formaat: 38" diameter
  • Prijs €: upon request
Beach Music
  • Beach MusicNew
  • Materiaal: Acrylic and latex paints, clay strips, milled poplar wood center strips on wood panel
  • Formaat: 30"x72"
  • Prijs €: upon request
  • OneBlueRingNew
  • Materiaal: Heat-formed Solid 1.5" Lucite Rods, Luminescent Paint, Black Mirror Panels
  • Formaat: 20"x90"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Volta's Ruse
  • Volta's RuseNew
  • Materiaal: Heat-formed Solid 1.5" Painted Lucite Rod, Luminescent Paint, Ostrich Egg,
  • Formaat: 10" Diameter
  • Prijs €: upon request
Mondo Urbano
  • Mondo UrbanoNew
  • Materiaal: Reclaimed packing material on wood panel
  • Formaat: 24"x24"
  • Prijs €: upon request
Seven Square
  • Seven SquareNew
  • Materiaal: Reclaimed packing material on wood panel
  • Formaat: 18"x18"
  • Prijs €: upon request

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