David Beliën

Kunstenaar / Artist
David Beliën
Techniek / Technics
Glasobjecten / Glassobjects
Info / Description

My work is about the exchange between the object and the space it is in. Between the object and the perspective of the people who live in the same space. I try to make a monument of the moment, to make the viewer wonder. To reflect oneself with the contralogic of what they see. It is not to make an impression of something, nor an expression. It is merely to find the moment in which time is endless…. That moment where the viewer is wondering about what he sees, about the verification. About that moment in which there is no thought or mind but just simply feel. My goal is to make a monument for this moment in which a person can feel peace and quiet…. And a sense of wonder. The contrast between the material and it’s expression gives us the tools to explore and mainly explore the unexpected where one finds out that what the see is not what it is in reality. Just like life…… like people. We are so much more than what we seem to be. Like nature can surprise us, a new species of animal or plant. Something that needs exploration. Something that triggers us to investigate, to become aware. Using a combination of unique techniques I try to make glass objects that do not look like glass, but could be experienced as metal, stone or even textile frozen in time.

for more. www.davidbelien.com

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Orb - Flora Vida
  • Orb - Flora Vida
Orb - Fibonacci
  • Orb - Fibonacci
Orb - Fibonacci
  • Orb - Fibonacci
Orb - Fiori
  • Orb - Fiori

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