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John Wragg
Techniek / Technics
Schilderijen / Paintings, Beelden en sculpturen / Sculptures, Wandreliëfs en -objecten / Wallobjects, Mixed media
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Men kan de vierde dimensie niet rechtstreeks zien en zijn pure bestaan ​​is een kwestie van veronderstelling. De werken van John Wragg (UK, 1946) verkennen dit concept van de vierde dimensie en hoe zijn schaduwen in zowel drie dimensies (constructies) als twee dimensies (schilderijen en afdrukken) kunnen worden vertegenwoordigd.Het is een wiskundig en wetenschappelijk concept, met een lange geschiedenis die veel andere artiesten heeft beïnvloed. Het is mogelijk om de schaduwen te voorspellen en te modelleren die vierdimensionale objecten zouden projecteren in driedimensionale ruimten en op het platte vlak.


Man kann die vierte Dimension nicht direkt sehen und seine pure Existenz ist eine Frage der Annahme. Die Arbeiten von John Wragg (UK, 1946) erkunden dieses Konzept der vierten Dimension und auf welche Art seine Schatten in sowohl drei Dimensionen (Konstruktionen) als auch in zwei Dimensionen (Gemälde und Drucke) dargestellt werden können. Es ist ein mathematisches und wissenschaftliches Konzept mit einer langen Geschichte, das viele andere Künstler beeinflusst hat. Es ist möglich, die Schatten, die vierdimensionale Objekte projezieren würden, in dreidimensionalen Räumlichkeiten und auf einer flachen Ebene vorherzusagen und plastisch nachzubilden.


I started out at Lowry's old school, the Salford School of Art, and then went on to study at St Martin's in London, where many influential artists of the time were working and teaching. I began using a system of 'canned chance' to structure my work, throwing dice to determine aspects of colour, line, shape, texture and materials, making large scrolls to create shifting partial 'reveals' and working with collage techniques to disrupt images – constantly and obsessively manipulating space.

After St Martin’s, I started teaching while still pursuing my own painting in a Deptford studio, and holding exhibitions of my work in London galleries.

Then, after a chance meeting with musician Andy Mackay, I took a few years out, to re-evaluate my work and follow a completely different venture - as chief road manager for Roxy Music’s tours of the UK and USA. When I finally returned home to Balham in London, somewhat dispirited after this epic roller-coaster ride in the rock industry, I was ready for new inspiration.

I worked with ceramics for a while, and then in animated films, drawing on clear acetate, until I returned to painting – big expressionistic canvases full of angst, reflecting my personal life and the state of the world in the mid 70's.

I went back into teaching, continuing always to pursue my own work. Following retirement in 1996, I stepped out on my current adventure - to explore hyperspace – inspired by American quantum physicist, Michio Kaku; the painter, Picasso; and Linda Dalrymple Henderson's treatise on 'The Fourth Dimension and Non-Euclydian Geometry in Art'. I am fascinated by the idea that there is an extra space that we can’t see – a fourth dimension - and how we might visualize and represent this.


My work explores the concept of the fourth dimension and how its shadows may be represented in both three dimensions (constructions) and two dimensions (paintings & prints). 

One cannot see the fourth dimension directly and its sheer existence is a matter for conjecture. However, it is a firmly established mathematical and scientific concept, with a long history that has influenced many other artists. It is possible to envisage and model the shadows which four-dimensional objects would project into and onto three-dimensional space, which can then be rendered as constructions or images.

Mostly abstract and geometric in nature, my work seeks to capture four-dimensional space through the use of contrasting colours, light, tessellation and optical effects.

I am constantly exploring ways to see the Fourth Dimension, revealing glimpses through rotating 3D structures, and capturing arrested moments in possible rotations; how to exploit the 'Necker Cube' effect; and keeping my art tangible, in real space; not viewed through a screen, behind glass. In short, constantly trying to create an alternative space for the viewer to explore.

I have exhibited frequently and widely in the UK and overseas since 1970. Selected exhibitions from this period are as follows:


2011 Powys Open Art Exhibition, Radnorshire Museum, Powys

2011 First Prize: Qube Open Art Competition, Qube, Oswestry, Shropshire

2010 Artcrawl Open Studios, Houston, Texas

2010 'Perfect Strangers' Borderland Visual Arts Show, Theatre Mold, Clwyd

2010 The West Midlands Open Exhibition, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

2009 VT2 Studios, Houston Texas

2005 The Orpheus Gallery, Limassol, Cyprus

2005 People's Prize winner Qube Open, Qube, Oswestry

2004 First prize: Shropshire Open Art Exhibition

2003 Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth, Wales

2001 The Air Gallery, London

2001 Amnesty International Art Exhibition, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

2001 Prize winner: Shropshire Open Art Exhibition

2000 Whiteleys Gallery, London

1990 Simulcrum, Mount Vernon, Indianapolis, USA

1990 International Art Exhibition, Goodfield, Illinois, USA

1990 International Art Exhibition, Matsyama City, Japan

1989 Le Lieu Gallery, Quebec, Canada

1989 International Art Exhibition, Kent, Washington, USA

1987 Art 54 Gallery, New York, USA

1982 Salford City Art Gallery

1980 Gallery Nagelmackers, Liege, Belgium

1975 Painting South-East (touring show) Brighton Polytechnic, Sidney Cooper Centre, Canterbury and Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne

1971 Greenwich Theatre Gallery, London


June 2005: article, Shropshire Life Magazine
July/August 2004: feature Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, Art of England magazine.
February 2003: article, Shropshire County Magazine

2001: work published in The Britart Directory
July/August 2000: article, Shropshire County Magazine
March 1999: article, The Shropshire Magazine
1991: work published in Reporation de Poesie book, Quebec
1990: work published in Pink Magazine, Phoenix, Arizona


2006 Resident artist, Cyprus School of Art, Limassol & Paphos
2005 Resident artist, Cyprus School of Art, Limassol


2006 - 2008: Curator for various solo and mixed exhibitions, 
The Gateway Arts & Education Centre, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

2008 Curator, The Shropshire Open Art Exhibition, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

Collections etc.

Shropshire and Essex County Councils

Private Collections in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.


Golden Lane Estate, The Barbican, London; Montem Infants School, London. 

Total number of images: 13

Neo-Chocolate Hypergrinder
  • Neo-Chocolate Hypergrinder
  • Materiaal: Steel rods, aluminium wire and acrylic on MDF panel
  • Formaat: 63 X 59 cm
  • Prijs €: 1200.00
N-Dimensional Ping-Pong
  • N-Dimensional Ping-Pong
  • Materiaal: Acrylic & oil on canvas
  • Formaat: 100 X 100 cm
  • Prijs €: 1960.00
Hyper Plane Puller
  • Hyper Plane Puller
  • Materiaal: Acrylic & tape on canvas
  • Formaat: 70 X 96 cm
  • Prijs €: 1400.00
  • Hyperspheric-Entanglement
  • Materiaal: Acrylic and oil on canvas
  • Formaat: 92 X 92 cm
  • Prijs €: 1680.00
  • Hypertessa
  • Materiaal: Oil on canvas
  • Formaat: 42 X 52 cm
  • Prijs €: 1200.00
  • Mirage
  • Materiaal: Acrylic on canvas on MDF panel
  • Formaat: 170 X 215 cm
  • Prijs €: 2500.00
Twist-or Knot
  • Twist-or Knot
  • Materiaal: Acrylic & oil on canvas
  • Formaat: 170 X 78 cm
  • Prijs €: 2000.00
The Fourth Commandment
  • The Fourth Commandment
  • Materiaal: Acrylic on canvas on MDF panels
  • Formaat: 80 X 90 X 6 cm
  • Prijs €: 2500.00
Down To The Top
  • Down To The Top
  • Materiaal: Mixed materials, oil & acrylic on ribbed panel with electric motor
  • Formaat: 48 X 48 X 5 cm
  • Prijs €: 1400.00
Fourth - Kind Crystal
  • Fourth - Kind Crystal
  • Techniek: Object
  • Materiaal: Welded steel rods & automotive laquer
  • Formaat: 90 x 78 x 17 cm
  • Prijs €: 3.450
  • Techniek: mixed media
  • Materiaal: Mixed Materials,Electric Motor & Light
  • Formaat: 30 x 30 x 30 cm
  • Prijs €: 950
Neo Retro Projective Ornament
  • Neo Retro Projective Ornament
  • Materiaal: Mixed materials, electric motor and coloured light
  • Formaat: 120 X 80 X 60 cm
  • Prijs €: 2500.00
Tessellation Row
  • Tessellation Row
  • Materiaal: Acrylic & ink on card
  • Formaat: 52 X 62 cm
  • Prijs €: 650,00

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