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Rudolf Burda
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Curatorial Statement

Rudolf Burda, Prague, January 2, 2016

“Burda’s art objects reveal hidden layering of clear and colored glass and remind
the viewer that a ubiquitous, Universal Ocean of cosmic forces that surrounds everything.”

„Since the beginning of the 20th century, art has adopted a series of new expressive mediums. 

However, glass and crystal remain some of the most widely used materials in the context of applied arts from the beginning of recorded time. Inrecent past, the most eminent artists who comprised their works with application of glass were from Central Europe and mostly Bohemia.

Rudolf Burda is connected to this remarkable tradition both by his production design and free artistic creation. This develops the concept of dynamics and unity in the relationship with fundamental existential statements. Glass and crystal arematerials that somehow reconstruct the creation of natural crystals. During their execution, minerals were undergoing a process known as crystallization. At a certain temperature the ore is still in a liquid state, and by cooling it solidifies to polyhedral shape. The inner composition is characterized by the perfect order of its molecules. 

This harmonic structure is the reason why the natural compound derives  electromagnetic force. It has the ability to interact in a positive manner. Burda  is trying to preserve these qualities in his work. Additionally, he is attempting to penetrate the secrets of the material containing an enchanted space. At the final stage the artist is letting us experience the magical view of the infinite. Burda’s art objects reveal hidden layering of clear and color contrasts, insights and reflections of light objects, enable a viewer to visualize the energy field of the vital structure of his pieces. In his creations Rudolf Burda preserves the memory of glass and crystal transmutation.

He carries out the conditions for galactic change, corresponding to the high tides and flow of life energy, connecting the macrocosm and microcosm. It helps to address conflict energetic antagonism by returning to the Arché — primordial unity of material and energy, the physical and metaphysical symbiosis.“

Miroslava Hajek

Art Historian, Critic and Curator of Bruno Munari





“The greatest inspiration for me is the universe which emanates my life’s credo of being the energy of the big bang, which has neither a beginning nor an end.” 

"He follows a minimalistic tradition and is searching for the ideal and pure form, perceived as a concept 
known as “gestalt — an organized whole”.

His art has been shown in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Holland, UK, USA and the Middle East. Rudolf is looking forward to participating in this year’s most prestigious art event for emerging artists  at the Jiangsu Art Fair and Art Miami SCOPE and CONTEXT. Rudolf Burda always hopes to evoke in the viewer an under-standing of time and space, formed from a continuous flow of energy, which reflects all reality but at the same time, it creates and ingests.

Taking a firm rooting in the canon of art history, Rudolf Burda’s works are at once arresting and seductive. Burda’s continued explorations into the medium of glass within contemporary art and design see him pushing the envelope of what is possible. Burda’s work seeks to find the perfect form and as such, a profound and universal beauty intrinsically recognized by all its viewers.
Very best as always, William

( William Davie — Aesthetica Magazine; Kolekto Magazine; 

This Is Tomorrow; Hunger Magazine; Tremors Magazine / twitter.com/Will_Davie )



His art has been shown in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Holland, UK, USA, the Middle East and is represented in private collections in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia. “The idea behind all my sculptures is to reduce everything to its most simplistic form and its barest minimum”.

“Rudolph Burda’s work is phenomenal. Nothing like this has ever been exhibited here in Oman”.

(Stal Gallery director and an internationally acclaimed artist himself, Hasan Meer)


“This is amazing art. I’m sure it must be very difficult to manage and create such perfection. It is very delicate and yet very strong in its meaning and message”.

(Her Highness of Oman, Sayyida Basma Bin Fakhir Al Said)


Selected exhibitions

Steel and Glass — Museum of Mladá Boleslav, Czech Rep. 

GLASS — Hotel Aplaus — Smetanova Litomyšl, Czech Rep. 
Futurista / 3dh — Glass Objects  

Boudoir Club Society Prague under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic 
Gate Gallery “Glass Objects” / Naked Geometry of F. Drtikol 
12th Festival of Art and Glass, Karlovy Vary Czech Rep, 
Rudolf Burda — Abyssus, Sun Gallery — Spa Resort Sanssouci 
Art Fair Utrecht, The Netherlands — Van Loon Galleries 

Moser Art Gallery “Czech Glass Masters”
Prague 13th Festival of Art And Glass, Karlovy Vary
Objekt Yellow Abyssus No.1, J&T Bank 

Rudolf Burda Glass, Pop Up Gallery Art Salon S,
Dancing House, Prague, Czech Rep.
index dubai, UAE  

Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Rep.
index dubai, UAE
ŠKODA AUTO University, Mladá Boleslav, Czech Rep. 
Chateau Hostańćov, Czech Rep. — Private Exhibition DSC Gallery, 
Prague, Czech Republic  

RR&RB exhibition at Rolls-Royce Showroom in Prague,
Czech Rep.; Permanent Exhibition at Manes, Prague, Czech Rep.; 
LP&RB Le Palais Art Hotel Prague, Czech Rep.
JIANGSU ART FAIR, Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China
Art Miami SCOPE; Context Art Miami, 2016

LA ART SHOW 2017; Personal Exhibition at Stal Gallery 
in Muscat, Oman, 2017; 
SCOPE New York, 2017
AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Singapore, 2017
World Trade Organization – WTO, Geneva, 2017

JIANGSU ART FAIR, Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China, 2017
Art Miami Context, 2017
BOS FINE ART, Exhibition Untitled The Hagu, 2018
Sculpture “BIG ROTATION” for LEICA in Wetzlar, Germany (in progress)


ROMAN Abramovich Collection
King of Saudi Arabia Collection
Suncheon MOMA, Korea

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